Profession Cleansing Team

Our professional cleansing department has professional team, Water Tank Cleansing, Air-Conditioning Cleansing and maintenance works, Carpet Cleansing etc... 

我們專業的清潔部門有各項專業服務, 水缸清洗、冷氣清洗保養及工程、地氈清洗等... ...

Water Tank Cleansing

Our team has qualified people, professional equipment and experienced staff.  We can professionally handle building water tanks, flush water tanks, fire water tanks and filter grid (commonly known as Y interval) cleansing service.

我們的團隊有合資格人仕, 專業器材及經驗豐富的員工。 我們能專業處理大廈食水缸、冲廁缸、消防缸及清洗濾水格(俗稱Y隔)服務。

Air conditioning Cleansing, Maintenance & Project

Our air-conditioning team has qualified and experienced technicians.  Apart from professional cleansing services, we are able to provide suitable maintenance plans, regardless of size, to design and install air-conditioning systems for all types of air-conditioners.

我們的冷氣團隊有合資格及經驗豐富技師, 除了專業清洗服務外, 我們對於各款各類型的空調, 無論大小都能提供合適的保養計劃, 以至安裝設計空調系統。

Carpet Cleansing

We will clean up the materials of the venue and the felt with environmentally friendly cleaning materials and professional technicians and equipment.  In addition to the mats of offices, restaurants, hotels, clubs or private houses, furniture, sofas, curtains, mattresses and mattresses can be cleaned.

我們會因應場地及地氈質料, 用環保清潔物料及專業技師和器材去清潔, 除了辦公室、食肆、酒店、會所或私人住宅的地氈外, 更可清潔傢俱、沙發、窗簾、床墊和褥墊。